Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Cake Round-Up

Rapunzel "Tangled" Cake

Today at Life as Mom, it's the Birthday Cake Round Up. Honestly, the vast majority of my cake decorating experience is either self-taught or comes from FishMama. But, I've always wanted to take a cake decorating class. My friend Caroline and I are planning on taking a class together sometime this summer. I can't wait!

Over the years, I've still managed to make some cakes to impress my girls. After all, that is usually the point. If they're happy with their birthday cakes, I'm one happy momma. It is so much more affordable to make your own cake, and oftentimes it tastes even better than the store bought version. I almost always keep it simple with a boxed cake mix and then make it special by adding my own homemade buttercream frosting and a few decorative touches.

I've pulled some links from the archives of some of our favorite birthday cakes. Each link contains  instructions on how to recreate the cake. Enjoy!

Sleeping Beauty Cake (a variation of this Tangled Cake from FishMama)

 Barbie and The Three Musketeers Cake

 Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire


Nikki said...

What beautiful cakes you have made! I really need to learn how to decorate cakes like these since I have three daughters. I think I'll link to this page for next year when I need them. Thanks!

I came over from Life as Mom.

Janel said...

Thanks for stopping by Nikki! Really, it isn't hard to make these cakes. The Wilton Food gel is great -- you can make so many colors. My kids love having so many choices in frosting color. Good luck with your cake decorating!