Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ella at Bedtime

Doing the bedtime routine with two kids is not always easy. Usually, we divide and conquer. Brett reads to Ella and gets her settled while I nurse Lucie and get her to sleep. Lately however, Ella has been wanting someone to lay down with her and that is not always possible...or prefered. It usually doesn't settle her down, and she just tries to talk to you instead. So, we usually try a nightlight and stuffed animals to pacify her. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

Tonight I went into the darkened bedroom to put Lucie in her crib. Ella had been in there for at least thirty minutes so I hoped that she would be asleep. But, she wasn't. She rolled over and looked at me.

Ella: "Mom, are you going to lay down with me?"

Me: "No, honey. You need to go to sleep. You've got school in the morning."

Ella: "But Mom, I need someone to lay down with me."

Me: "Well, you've got your teddy bear."

Ella: "No Mom. I need somebody who can talk."


FishMama said...

Umm, could that be Jack's granddaughter? Maybe you should just hand her your cell phone at bedtime & let her call G'pa Jack. ;)

Anonymous said...

she's a love

Janel said...

Yeah, Dad would probably love that!

Caleb's Momma said...

She and Caleb are two of a kind. I tell you, he thinks of everything in the book to delay bedtime! Gotta love them though... they are pretty cute.