Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girls' Room Makeover: Bedding

Today I finally ordered some bedding for the girls' room. In the next six months or so, Lucie will probably transition out of her crib and into a twin bed. So, I want matching bedding for the two girls. Because we may at some point get bunk beds for the girls, I wanted a lightweight bedspread that would be easy to make up on the bed...you know, if I have to do it while climbing on a ladder. This weekend I bought two cheap, but kinda bulky comforters at Ross thinking they might work. They were kinda a shiny metalic-like pink and reversed to gray or lavender. Well, once I got it home and showed it to Brett, we knew it wasn't what we wanted. Together, we decided that we indeed wanted something lighterweight and NICE.

I thought of a blue Microfiber Alternative Blanket that I use when guests come. It's lightweight but still warm, very soft and has a silking satin edging...just like on Ella's dear Green Blankie. (We took it out the other weekend when my parents were here and Ella took a liking to it.) I looked in regular stores for them but I just couldn't find it. Then, I saw it on Overstock.com in PINK...and then of course I waited and debated the extra cost. Then I did the math. Although it costs more than the Ross comforter, I was able to get a free gift certificate from my credit card company so the out-of-pocket price is what I would have paid for the cheapo Ross purchase. I figured that was a good deal to get what I really want. When I went back to look at it again online, I found out that it went on sale AND shipping prices dropped to only $1! Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

However, when I tried to checkout today, the $1 shipping wasn't applying. Since shipping is usually only $2.95, I was debating whether it was worth the hassle of calling to see if I could get that $1.95 discount. Then I saw the "Live Chat" button and so I tried it. I was almost immediately connected to a guy named Blake and he took care of it for me in a few minutes. He gave me a $1.95 credit in my account and I had to provide him with my order number once it was submitted. I have to say, I like the "Live Chat" thing...it was so much easier than trying to call on the phone with kids whining in the background. I hope that I like the blankets as well as I think we will. More importantly, I hope that Ella and Lucie like them!

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