Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

When Ella was a newborn, Troy took a beautiful photo of her while she was sleeping in the hospital.

We dubbed the photo "Sleeping Beauty." Little did we know that our little Sleeping Beauty would one day be obsessed with the story of Sleeping Beauty and pretend to be her on a daily basis.

It all began when Ella got a hand-me-down Sleeping Beauty costume from some friends. This year, it finally fits her well and she's been dressing up in it for several months. Then, in October, Disney re-released the 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty on DVD and images of Sleeping Beauty were all over the place.

Ella started asking me to buy the DVD...but she was a bit concerned about the evil character Maleficent. So, I decided it would be best to get the DVD from the library before we shell out hard-earned cash for a DVD that Ella would never watch. So, yesterday we checked out the DVD from the library and had a Family Movie Night. Yes, I even got Brett to sit down and watch it with us -- Ella cuddled with him the whole time so that he could "protect" her if it got too scary. Part way through the movie, Brett asked when it was made. The colors and fairy magic were screaming 1960's. For instance, the fairies fight evil with rainbows and flowers. Seriously.

Ella did enjoy the film and we awoke this morning to her singing "I know you I walked with you once upon a dream!" Not the whole song. Just that sentence. Over and over and over. She also decided to dress up and reinact the sleeping scene. She used our coffee table as her bed and even completed the look with a fake rose from one of my vases. Yes, the girl pays attention to detail! I had overlooked that small fact but if you check out the DVD picture above you will see that Sleeping Beauty does indeed have a rose in her hands. Here is my little Sleeping Beauty.


Jamie said...

She is way too much than this Auntie can bear. OMG. She brings me giggles and smiles. And I need those! Thanks for the fun post.

Dawn and Brian said...

A true sleeping beauty. =)

Anonymous said...

Ok she is TRULY related to me! That is my favorite princess and I have ALL the memorabilia that you could imagine! Movie (from my most recent birthday...yes i turned 20), book, doll, pins, jewlry box, buttons, neclace, you name it, I have it. I really need to see her soon so that we can discuss these matters! Haha