Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Getting Outside

I have to admit. I've felt a little guilty lately. While my friends back East have been dealing with snow days galore, we've been enjoying sunny skies and warm temps here. And lots of yellow flowers popping up in my grass.

They're not the dandelions of my youth or the buttercups from Virginia. My kids call these "Sourgrass flowers." I honestly don't know what they are, but I think they're pretty...even if they are weeds.

Since I have some hermit-like tendencies, I've decided that I need to make more of an effort to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and flowers on a daily basis. So, the girls and I have instituted a daily walk into our school days. It doesn't happen at the same time every day, but we're trying to make it happen.

They like breathing the fresh air, getting to look at the various plants and flowers, and having spontaneous foot races. I like that they're getting a bit of exercise in hopes that it will help their focus during our school time.

And I like looking up at the mountains and the blue skies.

It's also a daily reminder to appreciate what I have.

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