Monday, February 09, 2015

Save by Shopping the Pantry

Ten years ago I was a new mom practically living on the couch with my newborn for her first month of life. (Yeah, labor and delivery was no joke.) We didn't have cable -- just one channel would come through with our antenna. I could watch whatever was on TV as long as it was on ABC.

It seemed as if E nursed all the time, so I spent many an hour watching ABC. I got to know their lineup by heart. I watched a lot of Good Morning America in those days. As a result, when I think of my favorite TV channel, it's always ABC -- even though I don't actually get that channel anymore. Weird, huh?

When my sister told me that she was being interviewed for a segment on GMA, I got so excited! It aired this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch it live on TV, but thank goodness for the internet. Instead of cuddling with my newborn on the couch, I had my 10-year old sitting on my lap in my desk chair as we watched the segment on the internet. We've come a long way, baby.

Here's a link to the GMA segment -- Eating Down the Pantry. If you want to know more about having a Pantry Challenge at home, visit Jessica's blog GoodCheapEats. Her most recent post has some great Tips for a Successful Pantry Challenge, including links to some yummy recipes.

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