Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Snowy Adventure

Although we live in sunny California, there has been a distinct chill in the air for the past few days. Yesterday afternoon, Brett called home and asked if we wanted to go on an adventure after school. From his classroom, he could see that there was a lot of snow in our local mountains. So, we packed the girls into Brett's new truck and drove about 30 minutes up the mountain. This is what we saw when we got to the top.

It was so beautful. Up there, we met up with Brett's friend and colleague Chris and two of his children. Quickly a snowball fight ensued.

We only stayed about half an hour since that was about all our girls could handle. Lucie was exhausted (she didn't have a nap all day) and a little freaked out by the snow. I don't think she cracked a smile the entire time.

Ella enjoyed seeing the snow but once the coldness set in her attitude changed. She is much like her momma -- when she gets cold, she gets grumpy. And unfortunately, we are lacking in snow-appropriate gear. Ella doesn't have snow boots or even rainboots so her shoes and ankles were soaking within minutes. At that point, she really wanted Daddy to hold her...and soon after that she started to ask about when we would be going home.

All in all, it was a fun adventure...and a lesson for me. I seriously need to find some cold-weather gear for Ella! She's set to go to the UK with Brett during spring break and that adventure could be pretty miserable if she gets too cold. So, now my search begins for some waterproof shoes, a warm coat and gloves that actually fit!


Anonymous said...

How fun is that, Janel?! I loved looking at all of these beautiful pictures. That's pretty neat to go play in the snow. Figueroa Mountain? We never did make it up on snow days. Glad you went for it! The girls are getting so big. I'm curious about Ella's trip to the UK with Brett. Just the two of them with the high school group, I assume? Wow! Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janel,
I recommend getting Ella some BabyLegs. They have them at Target now. They're essentially leg-warmers, but pretty thick like a sweater. I think they fit up to 5 years old. Then she can wear them under any pants and can even throw them in a bag "just in case".

Janel said...

Aimee - great idea! I hadn't thought of that one. Those would be much easier to use than tights. I have the pair that you bought Lucie that I could use if I can't get a pair for Ella.

Jamie said...

I think those gloves and mittens were supposed to be for 3-4 years... she is a petite one. Great pics.

Jamie said...

correction... mittens and hat