Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga

Lucie is now in a phase where she demands a bit more attention. Actually, sometimes it seems like she wants constant attention. Unfortunately, that is something that I just can't give to her all of the time. So, I confess, I've turned to the DVD and the VCR. When she was not mobile, I'd pop her in her bouncy seat and let her watch the Brainy Baby French DVD. She used to really enjoy that and it gave me a chance to take a shower. 

Now, she is mobile and won't sit in the bouncy seat without fussing. And, I think that the French DVD has lost its charm a bit for her. So, I recently turned to something with a bit more music hoping that it would catch her attention. We have an old VHS of  "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car" by The Wiggles. She LOVES this video...and it gives me a good 45 minutes to do something else without her hanging on me. When I first put it on, it's the best! She starts to "dance" and does this incredibly cute shoulder shake. Here's a little video for your enjoyment.

On a side note, I think DVD's by The Wiggles could be a highly effective weight loss program for mommies. The choreography isn't anything very difficult...but it does keep The Wiggles in constant motion. The former dancer in me has actually tried to follow along with The Wiggles, but I can't make it through one song. I'm winded halfway through! I think I'm seriously lacking in stamina.


Caleb's Momma said...

Now that is CUTE! Christian and I are cracking up!

Funny how TV is much less the devil with baby #2 huh?

Jamie said...

That video is the best and I love that she didn't get shy or anything even when you giggled. LOVE LOVE LOVE The posts.

Ribbens Family said...

Love the moves!!