Sunday, February 01, 2009

Father's Saturday

Yesterday was "Father's Saturday" at Ella's preschool. Basically, it's just a special hour-long time that kids and their daddies (or grandpas or uncles) can come to school and hang out. I was excited that Ella and Brett were going to get some time together. Unfortunately, Ella was in a funk of sorts...she did a shy, Eeyore-like thing the entire time. She is usually like that for the first minute or two when I drop her off in the morning. Well, I guess since Brett was there she never quite snapped out of it.

Anyway, she did come home with a paper about her Dad. Basically, she had to fill in the blanks. I thought that it was pretty funny (and accurate) so I thought that I'd share it:

My Dad

My dad's name is Brett.
He is ____ years old. His favorite color is I don't know.
He likes to watch the News on TV.
Cow are my Dad's special foods.*
He never likes to eat nothing. He likes everything.
His best friends are ______________________.
When I am at school my Dad is working at school every day. When he comes home he feels tired.
I like to play Pac-Man with my Dad.

Love, Ella

* Translation: Ella means "tri-tip" when she says "Cow".

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Jamie said...

I remember Daddy Day at Small World. What fun. I remember painting something brown because I thought it was Dad's favorite color.