Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Reading

One of our routines this summer is to head to the library at least once a week. On Monday, the girls and I headed there to pick up some new books. Ella was so distraught that she couldn't find the series of books that she had been enjoying. When she asked the librarians if they had moved them, Ella was shocked to find out that nearly all had already been checked out by other readers. Apparently, the library IS very popular in the summer with other families too!

Setting goals for summer reading can be lots of fun. This summer, I'm encouraging Lucie and Ella to read in a variety of ways:

Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids
My mother, sister Jessica and I put together this fun resource for creating your own At-Home Reading Program. It highlights fifty well-loved children's books and provides activity ideas to go along with them. There are also fun printable reading logs to track the books you've read, bookmarks, and completion certificates.

My girls love several of the books on this list, and they will love reading them again. Although Lucie doesn't read on her own yet, she is obsessed with bookmarks and marking her place when she is "reading."  She is going to love having her very own bookmarks this summer!

Fifty Books to Enjoy with Kids is available as a PDF download or a Kindle version (which includes free separate download of printables for your computer). It's available for a limited time for just $5! Regular price is $9.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program
Kids in 1st-6th Grade can earn a free book at Barnes & Noble this summer by reading! It's simple -- just read 8 books, record them on the Barnes & Noble Reading Journal (available in-stores or online), and bring it in to choose a free book from a list of titles. For more information, visit the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading page.

Of course, the girls are both enrolled in our local library's Reading Program. If your kids haven't signed up for a program at your local library, do it! Kids love keeping track of what they read and earning prizes.

Happy Summer Reading!

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