Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Day at Virginia Beach

This past weekend, we were so fortunate to have a west coast visitor. My sister-in-law Rachelle was in Maryland to support her husband, a fantastic wildlife artist, Peter Mathios at an art show. Well, since she was only about 4 hours away from us, Ray decided to ditch the show for a day and drive down to meet us at Virginia Beach.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Although it was a bit "fallish" with a slight chill on the breeze, it was nice to see the ocean again. However, we realized that the sun was in the "wrong" spot. As west coasters, we're used to seeing the sun come down over the ocean. Instead, it was behind us.

This momma wasn't particularly prepared for a true beach day. I figured that the girls wouldn't be getting into the water. I mean, come on, it's fall! Personally, I was a bit chilled in my jeans, shirt and cardigan. However, my girls have no such problems. They rolled up their jeans and dashed into the water. Of course, they had a BLAST...until the sun started going down and the chill set in. Lucie is a little bit more restrained than her sister and managed to keep her clothes dry. Ella, on the other hand, practically jumped right in fully clothed. She was having far too much fun to be worried about a little thing like dry clothes. Later when Ella started shivering from the cold, I regretted not taking my big sister's advice and having ready-to-go bags in the car. Auntie Ray came to the rescue with a fleece sweatshirt and flannel pants. Ray stuck both of Ella's legs into one pant leg and wrapped the other around her waist as a belt. It was entertaining to say the least. However, I think I will add "pack ready-to-go bags" on my to-do list!

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