Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Plans

How is it that Thanksgiving is just days away? A few days ago, I met with my sister-in-law and we finally got around to planning our Thanksgiving meal. Since heading to the West Coast to be with family is an expensive undertaking, we won't be headed out there for the holiday weekend. Instead, we'll be hanging out with our local family and enjoying a fancy meal together. We're going to divide and conquer to get the meal on the table, except for the turkey. That will be a join effort. Aimee's never cooked a turkey, and I've only done it once. But, together I think we'll manage to pull it off. Here's what we've got planned:


Main Meal
While Aimee and I get this feast ready for the table, our little girlies will be supervised by their daddies in making some of the cute Turkey Apple Placeholders (made with apples and dried fruit instead of spice drops this year). Well, the daddies don't know it yet...but they will. I'm hoping to get some felt busy bags ready for the girls to play with as well. The Thanksgiving Fun printable from LifeasMOM is full of easy and fun ideas for kids.

Although I will miss seeing all of our West Coast family, I really am looking forward to a nice meal and quality time with our family here in town.

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