Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We began the day off usual with cereal for breakfast...but, I tweaked an idea from my sister and let the girlies put some red sprinkles on it instead of the usual honey. (Jessica serves girls won't touch the stuff. It literally makes Ella gag.) They loved their sparkly cereal. Ah, the simple pleasures!
After a morning at school for Ella and work for me and Lucie, we headed home for heart-shaped sandwiches for lunch. So far, it's been a fun Valentine's Day. We hope the fun continues too.

Tonight our Valentine's Menu plans have changed a bit. My husband apparently has had far too much tri-tip these, we'll be having ribs instead. It's a bit of an experiment. The only ribs I've ever "made" are Lloyd's. We'll be trying out this recipe for Baby Back Ribs. As for side dishes, we're going to have Spaghetti Squash Sauté (another experiment) and Spinach Salad with Feta and Cranberries. Last night, I prepared the Crème Brûlée so all I need to do is sprinkle them with superfine sugar and broil them. I think I'll try garnishing them with a heart-shaped strawberry. With all of the "experiments," I really hope this dinner isn't an epic fail! At the very least, at least we'll enjoy the Crab Cakes appetizers and the 2007 Monmousseau Vouvray Blanc des Blancs that my sister-in-law Dawn gave us for Christmas.

After dinner, we'll have a few gifts. I made the girls these cute little Heart-Shaped Flax Seed Boo Boo Bags. Rather than just giving them the gift, I'm going to turn it into a bit of a Treasure Hunt!  I plan on putting a heart-shaped clue on the bottom of their dinner plates. Then they'll have to follow clue after clue until they find their gifts. It should be fun...I just have a lot of work left to do! Gotta get to it...

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