Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

While I worked away at cleaning out my closet on Monday night, my two girls amused themselves for the evening. What I didn't know was that my almost 5-year-old decided to do a project of her own. Yesterday when I opened the drawer in the girls' bathroom, I fully expected to find the jumbled mess of hair bands that usually greets me. Instead I found this:

What a pleasant surprise -- Ella organized the drawer on her own...without my asking her to do it! Frankly, I was shocked because she doesn't really like to clean or organize things normally. Honestly, she has some serious pack-rat tendencies. Perhaps the best way that I can help break her of that tendency is to keep modeling organized behavior myself and encouraging her when she does a good job.

After I commented on it and gave her some praise, she wanted to reorganize it all over again!

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Jamie said...

She is amazing! I cannot wait to see what she can do when she is almost six!