Friday, September 04, 2009

Frugal Friday: Use AAA Discount!

After the Back-to-School clothes shopping I did the other day, I just needed to get new shoes for the girls. Wednesday, I braved a stop at Payless Shoe Source with both of them. Not something that I really plan on doing least not with both of them. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't relaxing either. While I tried to help Ella find some shoes, Lucie just kept pulling shoes out of their boxes and saying "Meh-nee Shoe" which I think meant "Meli's shoes". Apparently, she thought they all looked like something her cousin wears.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any of the shoes that we liked in Ella's size in the Payless store. So, I figured that since we had her feet sized at the store, it would be safe to order online. Payless has their BOGO (Buy One Get One Half Off) sale, but their shoes are still more than I would like to spend. I remembered a friend saying that she likes to buy her children's shoes at Target. It seems that whenever I drive 30 minutes to the nearest Target, I never find anything in Ella's size that is within my budget. So, I tried online and found some great deals for both girls - as in some clearance shoes for only $6.50! We did splurge on some "princess" shoes for $12.99. I figured they will work great with the Cinderella Dress Ella will most likely wear for Halloween as well as most of her dresses. (Yeah, I don't do that whole no white after Labor Day.)
I also found a few pairs of shoes for Lucie including these little babies that were on clearance for $6.50.

Overall, Target has much better prices than Payless especially since you can find some clearance deals which Payless doesn't seem to have. But, you can get better prices at either of these stores if you are a Southern California AAA member! Just register online with AAA and you can access some online and in-store deals for shoes. To see what discounts they offer, log onto AAA, click on the DISCOUNTS tab, select RETAIL. See their website for details on how to get discounts including these:

  • - Get 10% off your entire purchase, but you must link onto through AAA. Discount is automatically applied at check-out.
  • Payless Shoes - Get 10% off regularly priced merchandise in-store. Cannot be combined with any other offers including BOGO. Just show your AAA card when you make your in-store purchase.
  • - Get 20% off your entire purchase but you must link onto through AAA. Free Shipping and Returns.

For other money-saving ideas, visit LifeAsMom for Frugal Friday.

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