Saturday, March 01, 2008

Piston Legs

The other night, Ella was settled into bed but Lucie was as awake as ever. Brett and I were watching Sense and Sensibility because he needed to find some scenes to show in class. So, Brett let Lucie join us and set her on the floor with a pillow. All of a sudden, she started getting very active -- smiling and moving her legs like crazy. Brett couldn't get over how she was moving them and called her "Piston Legs". I thought my Dad would appreciate that -- it was one of his childhood nicknames! Perhaps she DOES have the Getskow running gene as I suspected she might back in July.

She looked so cute, I tried to get some video. The audio isn't great because of all the background noise, but I thought those of you who haven't seen Lucie in action might like to see a video. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Great video. LOVE IT! She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Miss you and love you lots.