Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hotsling Success

Last Spring, Ella was getting to the point where oftentimes during our shopping trips she would want me to hold her. It's not easy to hold a toddler and try to push a shopping cart... and it's not easy to shop with a kid who is whining about being stuck in a cart! Somehow I stumbled upon the Hotsling on the internet. It's basically a baby sling that doesn't have any buckles to deal with. You just put it over your shoulder and pop the baby in. What I liked about it was that you could also use it to carry a kid on your hip hands free. Since it will hold a child up to 35 pounds, I figured it would work with Ella who was only 22 pounds and it might come in handy for our Italy Trip as well. (Plus, I was probably sucked in by the advertising -- I want to be a hot mama with a Hotsling!) So, I got one. It did make some shopping trips easier for a time until Ella grew out of that phase, and I did try to use it a bit in Italy. However, I didn't nearly get my money's worth of use out of it. I hoped that I would with Baby #2.

Last summer, I loaned it to Aimee to try out with Baby Amelia. They didn't have much success with it -- Aimee said that Amelia looked smooshed in it and was none to happy about it. I hoped that I would have greater success. But, when I tried it out the "cradle" carry with Lucie, she too looked smooshed and was none to happy about it. But frugal woman that I am, I refused to give up on it, and so I've tried it a few times since then with similar results. My friend Jill suggested that I try bouncing when I put her in it and for a few minutes afterward. So, today I tried it again. By now, Lucie is big enough for the "front" carry position so I tried that. It took two tries putting her into it, but on the second try, she actually liked it! Within five minutes, she was asleep.

Granted, I don't look like one of the hot mamas that advertise the product on their website, but hopefully this sling will work for us. With two kiddos to take care of and a house to manage, Lucie has been spending a lot of time in her swing or bouncy seat. I confess, I've been feeling a bit guilty about that. So, perhaps this will help me get some things done around the house AND get to cuddle my baby at the same time.

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