Thursday, February 28, 2008

February in Review

Well, today is normally what WOULD be the last day of February (since tomorrow is Leap Day) so I thought I'd give a brief review of what's been going on at our house. I know my posts have been few and far between. Sorry about that. I guess I just feel like most of my days are quite repetitive and not that exciting. So, here is our month in review:

  • Ella - She is potty trained! Okay, so according to the textbook definition she is not technically "potty-trained" since she still needs some assistance. But, I've stopped buying diapers so I'll give her credit! She's going when she needs to without my reminding her and with good consistency. We're still working on nap time and bedtime, but she is doing a great job! As for her role as Big Sister, she is doing a great job. She adores Lucie and is very kind to her. Thankfully, she hasn't hurt her with her sometimes overzealous displays of affection.

  • Lucie -- She keeps growing! At her check-up on Monday, she weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces. Overall, she is a very sweet baby and has been giving us lots of smiles. She has her grumpy moments which unfortunately occur in the evenings when Daddy is around. But, I have discovered "gripe water" which has seemed to help when her grumpiness seems to be belly-related. Most nights she is sleeping through the night! Praise the Lord! It has been so great for ME to get 7 hours of straight sleep. Hopefully this trend will continue.

  • Brett - Brett's schedule has eased a bit with the end of Mock Trial last weekend. But, he is still busy with the boys he mentors at church and work at the school. It will soon be AP Test time so he'll probably be doing more study sessions, etc. But, he is looking forward to his Spring Break trip to France with a fellow teacher and lots of their students. It will be a nice getaway for him. Yes, I'm bummed not to be able to go but after all the drama that has been going on at work, the man needs a nice vacation!

  • Me - Funny, I don't know what to write about MY month. It seems I view everything through what goes on with the people in my family. My days are much the same, but I love them. I have been enjoying weekly visits from my friend Jill and my MOPS meetings every other month.

Well, Lucie is calling so I better log off. But, if you're interested in some new pics, head over to the Piersma Gallery. Some might look familiar since they've been posted on this blog, but I've included others too.

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