Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kitchen Remodel: Cabinets

Yesterday after I posted, I realized that I never wrote about what we did to the cabinets. For years, we've talked about painting them but never actually got around to do it because we knew what a HUGE job it would be. We had painted our much smaller cabinets in both of the bathrooms and that was a chore. So, when we got to thinking about the kitchen, we thought we'd save some time and buy new doors and drawers that didn't need to be painted. Bryan, my contractor brother-in-law, helped us order some beadboard shaker doors and drawer fronts. They are made of RTF rather than natural wood but seem to be very durable. The best part is that they have texture and color already on them. It saved so much time and they look great. Thanks Bryan!

The cabinet boxes were in decent shape, so we decided to color-match the paint at Dunn-Edwards. They did a great job and even gave us Papa Jack's discount. (Thanks Dad!) The painting was time-consuming -- it required washing, sanding, priming and two coats of paint. I didn't want to be around the fumes too much so it was great that Grandma and Papa Randy were here that weekend to help too. Once that was done, we thought we were close to being done -- just hang the doors and install the glides for the boxes. Um, well that takes much longer than you'd think it does. Plus, Brett has held off on installing some of the doors to make it easier to get under the cabinets to install the countertop. But, I think we're getting close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


FishMama said...

Looking good, guys! Say, what's the wall color? On my computer it looks like the green on the blog.

Janel said...

It's Highland Moss Green from Dunn-Edwards. I think that they discontinued the color when they revamped their colors awhile back.