Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Movement

Yesterday, I do believe I felt Baby #2 move for the first time. It was quite similar to what I remember it being like with Ella. With Ella, I was in Kansas sitting on the couch holding Baby Judah. His little body was just putting a little bit of pressure on my stomach and then I felt Ella hit back from the inside. With this baby, it was a bit similar. I was lying on my back on our living room floor -- taking a break from the kitchen work. I realized that I was about at the point that a woman can start feeling movement and placed my hand on my belly. I applied just a little pressure to see if I could feel anything. Then all of a sudden I felt this little punch from the inside. So unless I have jumping organs, I do believe the baby moved!

As for how I am feeling, I'm doing okay. The extreme tiredness has worn off -- no naps for me usually. But, I do get fatigued a bit when I get up from lying down and my hips are already hurting a little bit. My next appointment with Dr. Echt is on Tuesday. It will probably be another one of those real quick ones -- she'll basically just listen to the heartbeat and then I'll be on my way.

In about another month, we'll have the ultrasound done with Dr. Soffici to make sure that all of the baby's parts are as they should be. I don't think that we'll have him tell us the sex. But, we do know from past experience that he DOES look...I guess he needs to check and make sure that area is okay too. So, we may inadvertantly see "it" or we might try to guess from reviewing the videotape afterwards. We did enjoying finding out that it was a girl last time in the delivery room AND it also gave me some extra motivation to get through the labor. Right now, I don't have any "sense" of what the baby is. Besides, last time I was wrong so I don't really trust my instincts anyway.


FishMama said...

I don't think I knew the story about Ella's first felt movements. It makes sense that she and Judah would be punching each other. ;)

So excited for you. Rest and enjoy the ride. You will be very busy in a few months. Enjoy the time as a family of three. That is what I mourned, though I was so happy to have Jordan. I was sad that in my eagerness to finally have another, I hadn't enjoyed the season we were in. Suck it dry, sister!

Janel said...

Yeah, I think I wasn't positive that it was movement with Ella but in retrospect I think that is what it was. This time felt very much the same. That's funny...the Baby Battles even began while she was in the womb!

It is strange to think that soon there will be four of us. As much as I love Ella, it's hard to imagine loving yet another person that much too. But, I know that somehow it will happen. We are trying to enjoy this time. Thanks for the advice!