Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby Piersma's First Photograph

Today I had my first pre-natal appointment, and Dr. Echt performed an ultrasound to make sure that everything was as it should be. Although the ultrasound didn't seem as clear as my first one with Ella, I could make out the little "bean" that is my baby, the yolk sac, and the heart beating. It's amazing that something so small already has a beating heart! The ultrasound dated the baby at 8 weeks, 2 days, so that means we are looking at a due date of December 30, 2007!

This time around I think I will try to watch what I eat a little bit better. Not for vanity's sake but hopefully for an easier labor & birth! At 8lbs 11oz, Ella was a bit on the large size and didn't have a whole lot of room to make her way out. There are certain aspects of that labor that I would prefer not to reenact.

I'll head back to the OB again in another 4 weeks. Now that I've had one visit and ultrasound, I feel like the baby is "real" and am even more motivated to take care of myself and my baby.


FishMama said...

She's beautiful!

But, DREAM ON that what you eat is going to affect the size of your baby. I hate to break the news to you, sistah, but your genes lie in favor of gaining little on your own bod and lots on baby's bod. Speaking from experience.... :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

congrats guys! we are so excited for you! B&D