Saturday, May 26, 2007

Peppertree Cookie Show

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having the Mathios family at our house again so that Peter could participate in the Peppertree Art Show. It was a success and he sold three paintings! One of the sold paintings is called "Lessons" and features our nephew Kameron and his dad Karl on a hunting trip. If you want to see the painting, you can go here. Although the original is sold, prints will be available in July.

While Peter was off working hard at the art show, we had our own little art show of sorts. We had the first ever "Peppertree Cookie Show". My niece Olivia and I made sugar cookie cutouts and then the kids painted them with colored glaze. I've been wanting to do this with Ella for a long time as it was something that I loved doing as a child -- one of my precious childhood memories. Olivia, Simon & Ella all did a great job painting their cookies, and no one licked their paintbrushes! That is something I remember doing as a kid and one of the reasons Mom always made sure that we each had our own "paint" and brushes. However, the "show" part of the cookie show didn't last long -- the kids ate their cookies pretty quickly. But, I suppose that is to be expected. It was lots of fun...and tasty too!

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