Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ella watches TV

Unlike other kids, Ella has not been the least bit interested in TV or videos. Disney movies...Baby Einstein...nothing has caught her attention. When we were in Kansas, she just ran around and played as her cousins were transfixed by videos. Now, we don't have many channel options to choose from since we don't have cable and only get ABC with our "rabbit ears". But, that works for us. One show that we do regularly watch is World News Tonight with Charles Gibson. Last night, Ella was staring at the TV during one of Charlie's reports. No, the report wasn't on the war or the JonBenet was on Sesame Street finally adding a female puppet and had clips from the show. While the characters were on the screen, she could not look away. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we don't get the channel with Sesame Street. So, we may have to ask Uncle Troy & Auntie Aimee to tivo it and burn us some DVD's of it!


Anonymous said...

Girl after my own heart! Sesame Street was my favorite show when I was her age and a little older! That new character is cute, too.
Auntie Aimee

Anonymous said...

All we get is ABC now too. We can always Tivo World News Tonight, in case you miss it though!!