Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Mantel Words Tutorial

It's been quite the week here. We had a string of cold, gloomy days that coincided with one of the girls having a 3-day fever. I don't think I realized how much being cooped up with a sick kid had affected me until Brett took them both out of the house on Friday.

The sunlight was (finally) streaming through our front windows, and I had the house to myself. Oh man, it was lovely and just the break that I needed. It also gave me a chance to do a little crafting.

Inspired by the approaching Valentine's holiday and the book Love Does by Bob Goff, I created these these DIY Mantel Words with free and inexpensive materials. They were simple and cheap to make. It makes me happy to see them sitting up on my mantel.

Stop over at DIY Your Way to check out my tutorial on how to make your very own DIY Mantel Words.

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