Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July Sale at Piggy Pajamas!

After admiring them for about a year, I finally splurged and bought myself a pair of Piggy Pajamas with some of my birthday money! They were having an awesome sale that I just couldn't pass up. Of course, the Santa Barbara Toile caught my eye because I lived in Santa Barbara for so many years, and that's what I got.

What can I say? I loooooove my Piggies!

Even though it's pretty warm here in Virginia, I still find myself wearing the bottoms with a tank top to bed...and honestly, sometimes I just wear them around the house. They are incredibly soft and oh, so comfortable. I know I'm going to love wearing the complete set when things cool down in the Fall.

But right now, it's Christmas in July and Piggy Pajamas is having a sale -- buy one pair of Piggy Pajamas, get one half-off. Plus, they'll even throw in some Pigtails too!  But, you'll need to hurry if you want to get the sale because it ends today. Use the code: CHRISTMAS.

Although they are a bit pricey for pajamas at regular price, I think they fall into the category of things that are worth the money if you've got the money to spend. They'd make great Christmas gifts too. I certainly wouldn't complain if someone wanted to buy me another pair!

And no, I'm not benefiting at all from mentioning Piggy Pajamas here. I just love them (oh, and so does Oprah) and wanted to spread the word on this sale!

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