Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creative Solution for Lucie and the Lights

We've tried to teach our kids from an early age to turn the lights off when they leave the room. It worked pretty well in our old home in California - even petite little Lucie could do it. However, when we moved here to Virginia, we took a step back in that department. Our rental home here has light switches that are placed rather high on the wall. Even on her tippy-toes, Lucie can't reach the switches to turn off OR turn on the lights. So, she requires our help several times a day to turn the lights on and off. This gets a bit frustrating when I'm in the middle of something, and she needs help to go into a darkened room. It also gets annoying to find lights on after she has left said room.

The other night Brett said in passing that we needed to get Lucie a spatula or something to use to turn off the lights. Well, yesterday I put that idea to the test. I found a little bamboo spatula that is just perfect. She can use the end of it to push the lights on...and the little slot in the middle to pull the lights down. I love it when I can help empower one of my kids to do something on her own.

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