Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Ever since Brett returned from Europe, we've been debating on just where we will be this fall. Our initial inclination was to head to a private school on the East Coast. Last week, we were rethinking that and considering a public school here in California. Then, on Monday, Brett got an offer from another East Coast school that he fell in love with during his spring visit. There are so many factors to contemplate that, quite frankly, it has felt nearly impossible to make a decision. Ranking? Cost? Location? Proximity to family? How much weight do we give to each factor? We've even joked that the California school should get some points for having a Peet's Coffee in town! (Alas, Peet's Coffee locations are hard to come by on the East Coast. It's a sad, sad fact.)

When I posted my dilemma on Facebook, my sister Jessica responded that it should be "What's best for Lucie, Ella, Janel & Brett longterm." Wise words. So now I'm contemplating exactly what "best" looks like for each of us. I'm sure there are more pro/con lists to be drafted in the coming days. Lots of conversations to be had. Personally, I'm clinging to the hope that God already knows where we will be, and He's got the best place picked out for us. We just need to figure out where that is.

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