Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March is here!

Where or where did January and February go? March is already here. I'm trying not to freak out...there is so much I want to accomplish before our possible move for law school. Although we don't have any plans set in stone and may very well continue to stay where we are, the possibility of a move weighs on my mind. I gotta get in gear! Anyway...

With the beginning of March comes a new monthly wall calendar for our house! Last night I had Lucie and Ella get to work on their masterpieces for our latest calendar.

Lucie still has a ways to go in terms of confidence in drawing. She still wants my help to draw anything. We managed a simple rainbow together.

And Ella?  She divided her page into four scenes each depicting something about St. Patrick's Day. The rainbow with the pot of gold and the pot of gold and leprechaun are self-explanatory. The other two represent memories from last year's St. Patrick's Day. In the top right, she drew her preschool teacher walking into the classroom to discover that "leprechauns" had caused some mischief and overturned chairs while the class had been at recess. In the bottom right, she drew the potted plant where a "leprechaun" hid some "Leprechaun Chowder" for the girls. Her creativity -- and memory -- makes me smile. Her drawing also reminds me how much fun it was to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in silly and simple ways last year. I hope to do it again this year.

If you're interested in making your own calendar, I've made a free printable 2011 Wall Calendar available.

Download Instructions: Since I'm using the free hosting at MediaFire, once you click through to MediaFire, you will see "Life with Lucie and Ella - Wall Calendar 2011" and a box that says "Click here to start download." When you click to start the download, a dialog box will pop up and ask if you want to open or save it to your computer. Make your selection, and it will be done in a jiffy. When you open the PDF, you can change the page view so you can see an entire month at at time. Click on VIEW and then PAGE DISPLAY and then TWO-UP CONTINUOUS. Printing and assembly instructions are included in the download. Enjoy!

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