Friday, February 04, 2011

Ella's 100th Day of Kindergarten

Today was Ella's 100th Day of Kindergarten. In preparation for this special day, Ella was assigned to bring a collection of 100 items to share with the class. Since we got the task when we were knee-deep in planning Ella's 6th Birthday in Pixie Hollow, we decided to make a really, really LONG Pixie Bead Necklace that featured 100 paper beads. We just printed out the template from the Disney pdf and traced it onto several sheets of colored construction paper. Once we had made 100 beads, we strung them on a very long piece of yarn and tied it into a loop. It ended up being a quite out of the ordinary contribution to the Collection of 100 Project.

But, the project was not the only way her class celebrated the 100th Day. Oh, no...they had a whole day of festivities! My neighbor Rebecca graciously agreed to watch Lucie for a couple of hours so that I could join Ella and celebrate with her. It was a rare treat to get to spend some time one-on-one with Ella. When I arrived, the teacher had set out several stations with projects to work on including make a Fruit Loops necklace (with 100 pieces), a stamp book (with 100 stamps), a paper plate shaker (with 100 beans inside) and this crazy little hat with 100 tally marks. Too funny!

At the very end, the Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes had a "snake" parade through all of the classrooms. As you can imagine, it was quite the sight watching the kids march around in get-ups like that!

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Jamie said...

Super cute. She even patterned her fruit loops! Love this girl and her creativity! The 100 stuff is hilariuos! The pixie beads are genius and I am sure she loved every minute of it!