Monday, January 10, 2011

Planning the Last Birthday Party of the Season

Now that Lucie's 3rd Birthday is behind us, I have just one more event in Birthday Season 2011-2011. Once we get past Ella's birthday in a couple of weeks, I'm off the hook for the next ten months! Overall, it has been pretty manageable, and I hope to keep it that way!

When Ella started preschool, we started throwing her traditional "friend" birthday parties because she actually had "friends" in the plural sense. Plus, in my opinion, a two or three-year old really doesn't care too much about a big party. If you give them a cake, they're happy. (See case in point.) But, a four-year old who is in preschool? Oh man, are birthday parties exciting to them! Ella chose a Castle Party for her 4th Birthday and a Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire Party for her 5th. They were so much fun and gave her so much joy.

This past weekend, we started planning her 6th Birthday Party. On Saturday morning, I printed out this nifty little Birthday Planning Page from FishMama, and we sat down to work. Ever since we checked out Tinker Bell from the library, Ella has loved Tinker Bell and the world of fairies. So, Ella will be having a Pixie Hollow Birthday, and I'm so excited about the possibilities! Stay tuned for more details...and possibly a cake and pinata tutorial.

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