Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Ella!

Today is a special day! Ella turns 6 today. Oh my, how my baby has grown!

Since she is going to be having a party this weekend, we're keeping things low key but still trying to make it different from just any ordinary day. We headed out early this morning to stop for a muffin at a coffeeshop before school. After school, we're going to head out of town for lunch and a bit of shopping for Ella's party. Then later tonight we're going to have Chicken Scampi (her choice) at home. I confess, since I'm planning on a cool cake for her party, I'm not making her one tonight. I went the easy route and bought a small chocolate Pepperidge Farm cake from the grocery store. As a mom, sometimes you just have to take shortcuts for sanity.

Happy Birthday Ella!

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