Sunday, August 09, 2009

Old Photo Reflection

There is something about old photos that is so wonderful. Even as a child, I loved looking through albums at pictures and seeing how the important people in my life have changed. Although I love seeing pictures of me and my siblings as children, I especially LOVE the photos that include my parents. Sadly, it seems as there aren't nearly as many of those. Dad was always the photographer, and Mom either busy elsewhere managing a household of 5 kids or perhaps avoiding the photographic opportunity.

Each time I work on a scrapbook or look through our digital photo files, I'm always a bit saddened and shocked by how few there are of me with my girls. Example: We just spent two weeks in Oregon visiting family. Photo opportunites galore. When we got home and uploaded them to the computer, I found ONE, just one, photo of me. It's not the best photo of me (although Lu looks pretty cute), but it's the only one I've got for the whole trip. This is it.

How sad. Not that I'm vain or anything...I would just like there to be some photographic evidence that I was involved in my children's lives! Now, I know that I'm not the only mom out there who experiences this too. I recently read a great blog post about this very topic -- you can read it here. Yet, my wanting it to be different isn't going to change it. I have to MAKE it change. I am going to have to be the one thrusting the camera into someone else's hands and say, "Take a picture of me with the girls, please." I hope I can remember to do that more often so that my girls will have some photos to treasure as I treasure those of my parents.

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Jamie said...

I have lots of pics of you and your girls and pics of Brett and the girls. They will haunt you or make you happy in the future!!!!