Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas In July

In January of this year, I realized that I need to do "the holidays" differently. Thanksgiving is quickly followed by my hubby's birthday, then Christmas, then Lucie's birthday and then Ella's birthday. This past year once Thanksgiving hit, I didn't relax until February. And by then, I was exhausted. If I am going to have the kind of happy holidays and family celebrations that I would like, that means that I need to plan ahead of time to make it all happen.

This week, my big sister Jessica just might give me the inspiration to get started on it all now. She's hosting "Christmas in July" on her blog LifeAsMom. If you're interested in getting a head start on the holidays, head over there for giveaways and the following:
  • Saturday: Why Christmas in July?
  • Sunday: Why Christmas anyhow?
  • Monday: Music & Decor
  • Tuesday: Gifts & Stockings
  • Wednesday: Christmas Traditions
  • Thursday: Christmas Recipe Swap
  • Friday: Frugal Friday - sharing tips on saving money at holiday time.

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