Monday, July 27, 2009

An Alternate Plan

No sooner had I blogged about my intention to get into shape with the help of the 30 Day Shred DVD, I lost the DVD! It's hard enough to get up the gumption to workout, let alone to workout to a video that keeps me huffin' and puffin'. Having to search minutes for the video really doesn't help keep me on track. So, before I lost all motivation to workout, I decided to skip the 30 Day Shred and do an old video that I've had since the college days instead.

Originally bought the videocassette at Target years ago but found it on DVD at Ross Dress for Less a few years ago. Originally, it was called "Kathy Ireland Body Specifics" but then they rebranded it "Kathy Ireland Core Workout" when the core workout craze came along. Although some of her workout buddies are a little annoying and the music is kinda dated now, it is a good workout. Overall, it probably takes 40 minutes or so to complete with a warm-up, 12 minutes abs, 12 minutes butt, 12 minutes thighs and a cool-down. There is also a "bonus" video that focuses on stretching and body strengthening. Although I don't huff and puff with this workout, I do break a sweat and I do feel like I'm really targeting the areas where I need improvement.

After working out with Kathy today, I decided to keep looking for the other video. I managed to find it back behind the TV. Now, I've got both DVD's stored in an easily accessible place so I won't have the "I lost the video" excuse to keep me from my plans.


FishMama said...

Darn! I was waiting to hear your tales of "rubber legs" and never wanting to even walk again. Looking forward to your take on 30day shred.

I'll stick w/ my wii. ;) You know I'm proud of you.

Janel said...

30 Day Shred DOES give me rubber legs! I did it today again and then sat down at the computer to recover. Gotta keep with it though! You know, I was sorely tempted to get a Wii after checking out yours. It does seem fun.