Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Tale of Two Pillows

I am blessed to have TWO wonderful and creative sisters. Jessica is the oldest -- she's a great wife, mother of six, wonderful cook and a talented freelance writer. She is the gal I go to with kid-related and cooking questions AND if I need an inspiring article for my moms' group newsletter. Jamie, less than two years older than myself, is my other equally wonderful sister -- she's a thoughtful and generous auntie and sister who bends over backwards to help out those she loves. She too is a great cook and is also very artistic. Whether it is with food or crafts, she can take simple materials and turn them into something extraordinary. This past weekend, I got to create alongside Jamie as we worked together on the Girls' Room Makeover!

While my Dad gave the girls' room a fresh coat of paint, Jamie and I went shopping to buy supplies to make pillows for the beds. I was going to make a pink satin pillow sham for the daybed, and Jamie was going to make a decorative throw pillow. Side-by-side, we set to work on our projects, and boy do we work differently! This wasn't news to me...but it was funny to see it happening nevertheless. I'm very structured on my projects -- I make a plan first, follow instructions and try to measure things precisely. Jamie? We'll in her words, she "doesn't do math". She just picked up the pillow that she wanted to cover, eyeballed the measurements and created a very cute lavender pillow. Were either of our projects perfect? Well, no. But, as I kept telling Jamie (and myself), we're just trying to impress a four-year old.

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Jamie said...

Hello, I know you are busy and all, taxes, baby showers, being a wife and mom and sister. BUT, where is the rest of the room already?