Monday, April 06, 2009

Tales from Afar

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a phone call from Brett. I was on my way out the door to go to the fabric store and ALMOST didn't answer the phone. Actually, at first I didn't answer it, but I did wait for the answering machine to go on and eagerly picked it up when I heard his voice.

They made it safely to London and then on to Dublin...and I think that it all transpired with few tantrums from either one of them. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Brett forgot the travel journal that I made for Ella on the plane, and she was none too happy about it! But, he asked me to email the pdf to him so he could print a copy there. If he was able to print it, I will just bind it when they get back. Losing a travel journal is much better than losing my kid so I'm not complaining.

In the brief 5-minute call, he was able to tell me about their memorable first night in Dublin. Apparently, Ella crashed for a nap at some point and he was not able to wake her up no matter how hard he tried. As a result, she was up and ready to go at about 12:30am when he was so desperate for sleep. She danced around, watched videos and told him repeatedly that she was ready for breakfast. I had to laugh because it reminded me of one stay at my sister Jamie's house when we tried in vain to get Ella to go to sleep when she was hopped up on pie that my dad gave her right before bed. Brett wasn't around for that trip so I think this is a little bit of new territory for him. But, I'm sure that he'll handle it all just fine.

So, today they were scheduled to cross the Irish Sea over to the beautiful Lake District in Great Britain. I've heard that it is just breathtakingly beautiful (see photo of Lake Windermere above). I'll just have to be satisfied with pictures until I make the trip myself one day. I'm not sure that I'll hear from them again until their return. I think Brett has one more 5-minute phone card left but I'm not sure when/if he'll be using it. Until then, I'm just keeping busy with my projects and enjoying Lucie being an only child for a week.

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