Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ella Begins School

This month we had a monumental change -- Ella began preschool! Originally, I wanted to start her in preschool LAST year, but she missed the birthday cut-off for most of the schools out here...and then there was that whole potty training thing. So, we waited a year and she began her 3 Year Old Preschool Class on September 9th. We were delighted to see that we knew a few of the faces at school -- namely Ella's friend from church Vera and her oldest friend Caleb. She has adjusted very well to the change...she loves her teachers and all her new (and old) friends.
As Ella begins the school year, I thought it would be interesting to ask her a few questions each year to see how her answers change as she grows older. So, here are Ella's answers for Preschool - 3 Years Old.
  • Who is your best friend? Both Calebs - Caleb Scarborough and Caleb Schalesky
  • What do you like to do at school? Play with Caleb and build castles with blocks that stick together
  • What do you like to do with Daddy? Play with him and wrestle with him
  • What do you like to do with Mommy? Play that game that I have (Memory).
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? A race car driver, a zookeeper, a ballerina and a superhero
  • What are some of your favorite things? Green Blankie, Blue Blankie & Pink Blankie
  • What is your favorite color? Blue...and red...and green
  • What is your favorite movie? I think it's Pride and Prejudice. (Seriously, she said that! Then she agreed that Cinderella was her favorite too.)
  • Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Cinderella
  • What is your favorite toy? My books
  • What do you like to eat? Pizza, Quesadillas, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
  • What restaurants do you like to go to? Old McDonald's (hamburger - no pickles, no onions) and Firestone (hot dog)

Check back tomorrow to see what Lucie has been up to!


Jamie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. I love that she wants to be a Race Car driver, a zookeeper, a ballerina and a superhero. That would make a great kids book.

Rebecca said...

I love the idea of asking the kids questions. I might have to steal that and ask Will. So cute!

Caleb's Momma said...

So, how sad am I that Caleb and Ella love each other so much and haven't gotten to see each other for awhile. We need a playdate!

Can I copy those questions? Great idea!!!