Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ella & Her Ducks

Over the past three years, Ella has amassed quite a collection of rubber ducks. I think the vast majority of them are thanks to Nanna. Last summer we enjoyed watching her play with them in the backyard...lining them up and such. See here she is last September...

Well, her collection has expanded even more in recent months (also thanks to Nanna). Now, we have outdoor ducks AND indoor ducks that are great for bathtime. But, just the other night, Brett told Ella that she could do whatever she wanted to with her ducks after she took a bath. Well, she took her bath as asked, got in her jammies and settled in the living room to watch a video with her ducks.

Notice anything funny about her ducks? Here, let me zoom in for you.

Yes, the ducks are indeed wearing little girl underwear! When I asked Ella why she did that, she said that they needed to be warm. I guess underwear are the only apparel she owns that she thought would fit the ducks.

But, Ella's collection is not only limited to small bath ducks. She also has one HUGE duck (thanks Lorin) that she is settling down with for a nap as we speak. Here she is with that duck just last night.

Unfortunately I think this duck is out of luck when it comes to clothes -- I don't think Ella's underwear will fit him. But perhaps she'll get creative one day and find something for him to wear. I'm just thankful that my underwear drawer is out of her reach!


Dawn and Brian said...

Hilarious! I can't wait to see Ella again. :)

Jamie said...

Ella is one in a million. Are her duckies potty trained? Love you guys.

Janel said...

Ha! Actually, they are NOT potty trained! The morning after I took those pics, Ella played with the little ducks at the kitchen table. I discovered that they still had water inside them from bath time, so they "went potty" on the table!