Saturday, July 05, 2008

Lucie's 1st Foray into the World of Solid Food

As promised yesterday, here are some pics of Lucie's first foray into the world of solid food. I guess in all truth, it wasn't her first...we DID give her a taste of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's in Tahoe. Perhaps that is the reason for her eating rice cereal with such gusto -- maybe she thought it was ice cream! And now that I think about it, I did use the bowl that I put my ice cream in too!

Anyway, here she is ready for her first "official" solid food feeding. She's got on a cute fish bib that our friend Naomi made for us. (Thanks Naomi!)

This little girl did not hesitate one bit. After the first taste, she kept opening her mouth for more. And when Mommy was a bit slow with the next bite, she reached out for the spoon! I think we may just have a little glutton, er I mean foodie, on our hands. (Quick, name that blog! Click here to see if you're right.)

For those who want to see some video, click on the picture below and press the play button.


Jamie said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Lucie. Good girl. You did fabulous not getting messy on your first adventure with food!

Jamie said...

I rhink it is the first and third pic that remind me of Grandpa Randy. (:

Jamie said...

Correction the 2nd and last pic remind me of Grandpa Randy! (: