Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"My father's not crazy!"

When Brett and I first started hanging out NINE years ago, I thought he was pretty funny. He would come up with original and witty things to say that made me laugh. It was only after we started dating and watching movies together that I realized that all those original and witty things were not quite original. A lot of them were quotes from movies that I had not yet seen! Don't get me wrong, I DO think my husband is funny...I just now know that he likes to quote movies. :)

I'm starting to see the propensity to quote movies in my sweet three-year old. I'm not sure if this is something that all young children eventually do, or if she has a flair for the dramatic like her father. But, since we've been traveling so much in the past weeks, she has seen lots of videos and has seen some videos lots of times. Just this past week, I discovered a VHS tape of Disney's Beauty & The Beast at my parents' house -- it's a real find since it is in the Disney "vault" and can't be purchased. Ella knew the story because we have the book, but she'd never seen the movie before. She was quite excited to see the movie and has probably watched it at least four times this week. I realized just how much the movie has been sinking in the other night when we were eating dinner with my mom. Out of nowhere, Ella says,

"My father's not crazy! He's a genius!"

Now, I don't recall ever saying that Brett was crazy, but I might have said he was a genius at some point (because honestly, he does have some genius moments!) But, why would Ella be saying that randomly anyway? Then it dawned on me that she was quoting a line from Beauty and the Beast. I must say, she did recite the line with quite a lot of dramatic feeling. Perhaps we have a little actress on our hands...or just a little girl who will quote movies like her father to entertain others.

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Jamie said...

SO LOVE THIS Post and can appreciate the line because I heard it at least two times while hanging out with you guys at the Getskow house. She is something else that little cutie!