Friday, May 09, 2008

Burned Toes and Molly Pitcher

The other day, Ella was sitting in the living room, perched on the coffee table. When I walked into the room, she started a conversation with me that went a little like this:

Ella: "Mom, I burned my toe in the battle."

Me: "Really? A battle? What battle were you fighting in?"

Ella: "I was fighting in the Revolutionary War, and there were canons shooting around me."

Pretty interesting conversation for a three-year-old, huh? Since I know what kind of books she has, I quickly figured it out. She was pretending to be Molly Pitcher, a Revolutionary War heroine. Brett bought the book The Called Her Molly Pitcher for Ella awhile back. Always the historian, Brett is doing his best to pass on his love of history to his daughter as well. I had never heard of Molly Pitcher until I read the book. Apparently, Molly followed her husband to battle. During one particular battle, Molly helped the soldiers by running through the battlefield to a creek to fill her pitcher with water for the soldiers. As far as I know, she didn't burn her toe, but she did help fire the canons when her husband was injured and could no longer do so. So, I guess I'm learning more about history along with Ella.

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