Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lucie & The Beco

After weeks of waiting, my Beco Baby Carrier finally arrived! You might remember me talking about deciding to purchase it on an earlier post. It arrived two weeks ago just as we were returning from a trip to Santa Barbara. I quickly unloaded the car, put Ella down for her nap, and busted it out of the package.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed by all of its straps and buckles. But, they do include a DVD with it to demonstrate how to wear it properly. (On a side note, I was thankful for the DVD for other reasons – I wanted to hear how they pronounced "Beco"! I wasn’t sure if it was beak-oh or beck-oh as I’d been pronouncing it. For future reference, it’s beck-oh. Moving on…) So, I got down to watching the video and once Lucie woke up from her nap I tried it out on her.

My first reaction? Am I wearing something? I think what shocked me was that Lu was right up against my chest. With the Baby Bjorn, there were straps between us and her arms went through specific holes. Not so with the Beco – it’s just a layer of fabric on my chest, and Lucie can pull her arms right up to her face if she wants. She seems to enjoy it and has fallen asleep almost every time that I put her in it. Overall, it IS a very comfortable carrier. I feel much more balanced than with other carriers, and it is easier to maneuver around.

One temporary drawback is that Lucie still needs to be in the built-in infant pouch. The pouch itself is a great thing – it helps her sit higher in the carrier. But, it does require laying her down to get her into the pouch…not the easiest feat when you’re in a parking lot and your front car seat is slanted. But, I’ve managed it…it just takes a moment. At the rate this child is growing, she’ll be out of the infant pouch in no time. At that point, I can put her in while standing up.

So far, I’m really pleased with the purchase. I use it nearly every day, so I do think I'll get my money's worth. It’s great for walks, shopping and even around the house. The other night Lucie wanted to be held, and I needed to get dinner on the table. So, I popped her in it and swung her around to my back so I could cook without worrying that she'd get hurt. It worked well.

Lucie seems to enjoy it -- I swear, she smiles when I take it out. She just knows that she gets to be next to Momma for awhile. And, she almost always falls asleep after I put her in you can see in the picture above.


Jamie said...

The beco looks good on you guys. I'll send you the pics from Saturday when I get them on the disc. Love you guys!

Janel said...

Thanks Jamie. It was good to see you last weekend. We had lots of fun. Love you too!