Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sorry for the silence...

Well, I've been silent on the blog for 10 whole days! Sorry about that, but life has been a bit hectic. Brett left last Saturday to chaperone a group of students on a Spring Break trip in France. Unfortunately, I was unable to go because we didn't think it would be manageable to do the trip with a 3-year old and a 3-month old. Now, I think we probably could have handled it, but we didn't know what kind of baby we'd have back when the planning for the trip began in the fall.

So, I've been a single parent for an entire nine days. My hat goes off to single parents -- it's a lot of work! I only handled about 3 days on my own and then headed down to Santa Clarita for some help (and for my sanity). My mom has been gone for about 2 weeks visiting her family in Minnesota and then my sister in Kansas, so we weren't able to see her. But, we stayed at my parents' house with my dad, visited with my sister Jamie (and got a pedicure) and did a little shopping. On Thursday, Dad, the girls and I headed further south to visit my brothers John & Jace in San Marcos. John had not met Lucie yet, and I had never visited them at college. It was a nice visit and I think Ella really enjoyed hanging out with her uncles. Now, we're back in Santa Clarita and will hit the road in a few hours. Brett is scheduled to return today -- yeah! Just in time to be jet-lagged for our seventh anniversary tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I feel ya, single mom. It's not easy. And right now I do wish I lived closer to family! But I have a busy few nights planned this week. I can't believe I'm doing this AGAIN for such a long week!
Love the baby carrier. I'd consider getting one, but I have a feeling as soon as Meli can walk she won't want to be held anymore!

Janel said...

Yeah Aimee, I've discovered that time without Brett goes more smoothly when I've got things planned both for Ella and for me. It is necessary I think for sanity -- exactly the reason that I left town for most of the week!

As for the carrier, I figure that I can use it for quite some time since you can use it like a backpack. (My friend's kid is a year old I think and she uses it all the time with her son on her back.) With two kids I need SOMETHING but a stroller just isn't such an easy option. Yes, there are double strollers but 1) they won't fit in my trunk and 2) I think it'd be too cumbersome... especially in this town! So, I can't wait to get the carrier -- it should be soon. I'll let you know what I think of it!