Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Decision Maker

I have a hard time making decisions - especially when it comes to buying something. I do research and research and research trying to figure out what is the best choice. I think it drives my hubby a little crazy at times. Just the other weekend, I was surfing FTD's website for just the right flower arrangement to send to my dear Aunt Cass who is undergoing chemo. I don't know if you've ever been to their site, but there are so MANY choices! My hubby would have just picked one and called it a day. But no, not me. I just kept looking and looking...and looking. Finally, I knew it was getting a bit ridiculous, and I needed to make a choice. So, I called in My Decision Maker, aka Ella.

You see, I've recently discovered that Ella does have preferences...and unlike her mother, she can choose between two options. So, I narrowed it down to two flower arrangments and showed them both to her and asked her opinion. I asked her TWICE just to see if she would give me the same answer both times. And she did! This is what she picked.

She's got good taste, no?

Now, I've had another decision on my mind. I've got a bunch of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I've decided that I want to splurge and get a new baby carrier. We've got a Baby Bjorn, but it's already starting to hurt my back with 12-pound Lucie. But, having a carrier is pretty much essential with two kids. So, I've decided to buy a Beco Baby Carrier. It's a soft-sided baby carrier that you can wear on your front or your back...and it holds a kid up to 35 pounds. It's gotten great reviews as being functional, stylish and most of all comfortable. The problem is that there are so many COOL fabric choices. I've been debating and debating. So, with Ella's help, I've finally decided. I'm going to pre-order the "Olivia" from Euphoria Maternity -- the site belongs Rachel & Brandon, some friends who used to go to our church when they lived in SB.

Now, that the decision has been made, I just have to wait a bit longer until it's in stock. But, at least I won't be agonizing over making a decision. Ella has done that for me!

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Erika said...

How funny! I just saw that exact carrier today at a baby store in town. I had never seen one before and thought it was very cool and comfortable looking. Good choice! Happy Easter!