Monday, February 04, 2008

One Month

Well, Ella has been a big sister & Brett and I have been parents of TWO for a month. Today is Lucie's ONE MONTH birthday! We've survived this far and hopefully it will get easier. If only I can get Lucie on a better sleep schedule, I will be a more normal human being.

You can't tell in the picture but Lucie's face has absolutely EXPLODED with baby acne. (I guess her reddish skin tone helps camouflage the zits!) If I didn't know that babies get it, I would be concerned that she has some horrible disease. Her forehead, temples and even scalp are just other zits are scattered around the rest of her face. Brett asked me last night if Ella had it that bad. I can't imagine that she did. Lucie must have gotten a serious dose of hormones!

This month Ella has developed a love for her little sister and for dancing. She loves to kiss the baby, help burp her and she even shares her precious blankies. And when Momma has been busy with Lucie, Ella has kept herself busy with DANCING! She loves to put on dress up clothes and dance around the living room. I think she's been influenced by the Angelina the Ballerina books & videos. I have to say, I think she has some natural talent with it too. She has done some very graceful moves...especially for a little girl who can be rather clumsy at times.


Anonymous said...

Are Lucie's eyes brown? They seem dark. She is too cute and the pic of the girls is absolutely precious! You guys make beautiful babies. Thanks for sharing the pics, I have been having Piersma girl picture withdrawls. Love you!

Caleb's Momma said...
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Caleb's Momma said...

Oh, she looks precious. Can't tell she has the acne. Not sure if you want this on your blog, but squirting breastmilk on it is suppose to help. Wish my decapitated finger hadn't prevented my visit today. Hoping it heals soon, and I can come see you!

Janel said...

Jamie - Lucie's eyes are a dark gray right now. It will be interesting to see how they end up.

Jill - Thanks for the tip. Not sure if I'll try it though...I'd have to drench her head in milk! Seriously, it is so bad you can feel bumps under your lips when you kiss her. When you look at her from a normal distance, it isn't so noticeable. But, when you hold her you can tell big time. We missed you yesterday. I hope that you're feeling a bit better and that your finger heals quickly. Get lots of rest!