Monday, February 11, 2008

Highlights from the Week

A lot has happened this least in my little world. The week got off to a rough start but improved later on.
  • Potty Training - Last Sunday Ella was finally decided that she would succomb to bribery and try using the potty. My parents brought up a bag of "Potty Presents" from Auntie Jamie. Over the weekend, Ella resisted all requests by her parents and grandparents to try using the potty. But on Sunday night Brett had her put on "Big Girl underwear" and she decided to try it out. Then she realized it was fun to get to open presents and tried at least three times. I guess the experience got my hopes up that it would be easy...and it was NOT on Monday. She had several accidents and I got a bit frustrated. Fortunately, things improved the next day -- Ella had more successes AND Mommy was more patient. We've definitely made a lot of progress...and we don't even have to bribe her with presents anymore to sit on the potty. I am encouraged that my eldest daughter will soon be out of diapers and then I'll only have to buy one set!
  • Sleeping Baby - I think that Lucie is finally getting on more of a set sleeping schedule. She still sleeps most of the day away, but we're finally close to setting a "bedtime" for her. In the past few days, she has gone down at about the same time as Ella and slept for several hours with only one nighttime feeding. We even moved her out of our room and Ella slept through her nighttime waking. This means that WE are going to be sleeping better too. Lucie is quite the loud sleeper at times!

Speaking of sleep, I better go get some before Lucie decides to wake up!

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