Friday, January 04, 2008

Baby Watch Update #1

Well, we're here at the hospital. We arrived a little after 6am and it took a good hour or so to get situated. There were forms to be signed, questions asked, IV to be started, etc. The nurse Karen did a cervical exam and I was still at 4 centimeters. Karen was shortly off duty and was replaced by Jennifer. When I saw her, I did an inner shout of excitement -- I remember her from when we had Ella. She was on duty when we left the hospital with Ella and actually took our family photo before we left. She has been fantastic -- upbeat, energetic and willing to let me move around as much as possible. The only bummer is that she goes off duty at 3pm. It would be great if she could be here for the birth, but I don't know that it will happen. Given my track record (and the fact that it is now 1pm), I'm doubting that will happen. Let's hope that whoever replaces her is just as good.

They started me on pitocin at around 8:30am and around 11:30am I had dilated to 5 centimeters. I did get a little break for about 30 minutes from the pitocin and got to walk around a bit. Unfortunately, the contractions started spacing out a bit further and got less intense. So, I'm back on the fetal monitor and pitocin drip for now. The doctor will probably come by at 3pm or so to break my water if necessary.

It's actually been a fun process thus far. My mom is here and Brett has been keeping us laughing. Laughing through a pitocin drip...I suppose it is a good distraction even if it does hurt a little bit more. Well, I suppose that is all to report for the moment...just waiting for 5 more centimeters! Keep praying for us.


Anonymous said...

Checking my email and your blog every 10 minutes!! Anxiously awaiting the news!! Keeping you in our prayers too!!

Dawn and Brian said...

Janel - You're amazing! You are posting a blog from the hospital. :) You make this look so routine... I HIGHLY doubt I will be doing that. Haha.

We're praying for you guys! I hope all goes well and that she/he comes quickly.