Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Afternoon with Daddy

Brett returned last night from a training meeting in San Jose and mentioned that he wanted to take Ella out on Saturday to give me a break. The times I am not with her are few and far between. Although I didn't do much while they were gone, it was nice to be in a quiet house alone for a bit. About three hours after they left, I heard someone at the door. Expecting it to be Brett holding a sleeping Ella, I was shocked to see Ella standing there with her red sunglasses on strumming a kid-sized guitar with a HUGE smile on her face. It was one of the most precious sights I have ever seen -- I happily laughed for nearly 30 seconds straight while Ella continued playing.

Ella was so excited to bring her guitar home and play for Mommy. All she wanted to do was play AND sing. She made up her own words - it was hilarious. It was a bit difficult to drag her away from her guitar and put her down for her nap. She had a big afternoon with Daddy so she should have been tired. Not only did Ella go guitar shopping with Daddy but they also bought some kid history books, played at the park AND went out for lunch. It brought me so much joy to know that they had such a great time together.

UPDATE: After her nap, the first words out of Ella's mouth were: "Where's my guitar?"

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