Thursday, June 21, 2007

"I'm sad"

When I was growing up, my father worked as an elementary school teacher. In all of those years, I don't think my father ever went away on teaching-related business. So, when I married a teacher, I never really figured he would go away "on business". Well, things haven't exactly worked out that way. Brett's teaching occasionally calls for him to go away to conferences during the summer and for the past few years he has chaperoned a trip with students to New York City. Plus, he is also involved with working with a company called ABC-Clio and travels a few times a year to work with them. This week, he is away at camp with the high school students from church.

This morning Ella said to me, "I'm sad." When I asked her why, she responded, "Because I want my Dad to come visit my house." Obviously, she has missed her Daddy! When I took a look at the calendar, I realized he has been more of a "visitor" this month (at least in Ella's eyes). Between the New York trip, ABC-Clio and camp, Brett has been gone over half of the days this month. Then take into account that he has been gone at work during many of Ella's waking hours when he has been in town! It has been a crazy month! But, fortunately, he will return in a couple of days and his ABC-Clio trips in July will be short ones. We will be able to spend some nice time together as a family once he returns. Ella & I are both looking forward to that!

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Anonymous said...


I love your blog... never knew you had it-where have I been?

Anyway, I checked it out for the scone recipe. Your apple scones are amazing!!! Then, happened upon all this other great info. and sweet things about Ella. She is so cute.

Hey lady, sorry your man has been gone so much-don't know how you do it all. Let's hang out soon!