Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our Christmas Tree

My sister posted a photo of their Christmas tree on her blog and hinted that I should do the same. We were out of town at the time, so my post is a little belated. But, here it is!

Before Brett & I got married, my mom gave Brett a "Christmas Tree Kit" for Christmas -- it had a tree stand, lights and various ornaments. We still have it and have added ornaments to the collection over the years.

This ornament is a favorite of mine. At our wedding, we had these little bells with roses as the party favor/table decoration. We had a bunch left over and I didn't want to throw them away. A few months later, I had the inspiration to turn them into Christmas ornaments. Last year during Ella's first Christmas, we lost a few of them -- she liked to take them off the tree and ring them around the house. But, I'm hoping that we'll be able to keep them year after year.

This pinecone ornament is one that I made myself at M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) last year. They were so easy to make and turned out beautifully. It's a nice and easy craft for the kids! All you need to do is put a little eye screw into the fat end of the pinecone & thread some ribbon through the hole to hang it. Then roll the pinecone in a bit of paint and it decorates just the edges. I used gold but white looks nice too (like snow).

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